Hotel Grande Bretagne

Sunday 26 December 2010

The oldest and most renown hotel in Athens with the best view in Syntagma (Constitution) square.
Those suites on the last floor have amazing view to the Parliament and the Acropolis



The Harp

Friday 24 December 2010

A pedestrians bridge, inspired by the ancient Greek musical instrument, the Harp. It was a gift to Athens  from Santiago Calatrava, for the 2004 Olympic games.


Total mess.....

Wednesday 22 December 2010

This is exactly what I mean by Athens daily photo! Strikes, strikes and strikes have done Athens a city that you cannot simply live in. Roads closed, traffic jams, drivers on the verge of crazy, people trying to reach their destination without public transportation.
Oh, yes, I forgot, it's Christmas!!



Tuesday 21 December 2010

This is a picture you don't see everyday in Athens. But day by day more and more bicycle riders get on the roads of Athens. It's not the easiest town for bicycles. In fact you're more of a target when you're on your bike! And there are no bicycle roads too, maybe it's the only big city in the world that doesn't care for bicycles.
But I ride my bicycle in every occasion! And soon I'll use it for my everyday transfer to my work...


Chariots and horse...

Monday 20 December 2010

Somewhere in the late 70's it was a must for blocks of flats to have a distinctive pattern on the walls. This one is inspired from ancient Greece....



Saturday 18 December 2010

This was supposed to be a public swimming pool. But people in this neighborhood, didn't want it, because they said it would be too much noise!! And they stopped it. Unfortunately, this is Greece in 2010...



Thursday 16 December 2010

Bad day, bad photo.
It's been raining almost all day today and I just got this photo from my balcony since I stayed at home today...




Monday 13 December 2010

We're having a difficult week ahead. Public transportation not working, civil servants, employees and workers on strike, journalists too. Whole Greece is on strike this week.... (again)



Sunday 12 December 2010

Sometimes you can find very beautiful details in Athens. This is an old door, refurbished, with a nice doorknob, instead of a door bell.



Saturday 11 December 2010

Finally, winter is here. It may be a light snow, but we woke up today and there was snow all over the Northern suburbs. And it's freezing cold, temperature is just above 0 degrees! And what a difference from two days ago, when we had 20 degrees...


Golden Hall

Friday 10 December 2010

We may be in the middle of a huge economic crisis, the IMF is in fact our government, but at least, we do have the best shopping Mall in Europe! And I'm not saying this by myself, it was voted the best all over Europe. Now, who's shopping, that's another question....



Thursday 9 December 2010

The weather service says that tomorrow we'll have a bad weather, with cold and snow even in Athens. But today is one of these days that you can't stay at home. So, I went to my local tennis club, walked a bit on the mountain above it and got a photo of Athens, with the Spyros Louis (Olympic) stadium in the middle....


Christmas tree

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Christmas is approaching and there are many that haven't got a Christmas tree yet. You can see a lot of "open exhibitions" like this in the streets of Athens these days...


The Academy and Goddess Athena

Monday 6 December 2010

The Academy of Athens is a part of the so-called "Neoclassical Trilogy" of Athens. It was built between 1859 - 1885 by the Danish architect Theophile Hansen. Later, in 1861 another famous architect, Ziller, took over. The building's emblem is the statue of Athena on a high Ionic column.


Under the Acropolis...

Sunday 5 December 2010

The Tower of  the Winds in Plaka, under the Acropolis Rock. It was built in the 2nd century BC as a weather vane and a water clock and had a hydraulic mechanism.It's external frieze depicts the faces of the eight winds.


The city that never sleeps...

Saturday 4 December 2010

Coming home last night, very late from a night out with some friends. This is how the streets in Athens look even at 2.30 in the morning. Traffic, cars going in every direction and people that don't seem affected by the economic crisis.


Public transport....

Friday 3 December 2010

This is tram, the newest public transportation in Athens. It came back in our lives in 2004, for the Athens Olympic games. It takes you from the centre of Athens to the coastal suburbs of the town, it's fun, but only if you have time to spend, because it's too slow......


Dust in the wind....

Thursday 2 December 2010

While in Northern Europe and parts of the U.S. they have winter and lots of snow, here, in Greece, we have dust! But not just any dust, we have good, imported dust from Africa and the Sahara desert! African dust is carried to Greece by air currents and is more common in the spring. But due to all these weather changes over the globe is present almost every time of the year. This is how Athens looked from my office this morning.....



Wednesday 1 December 2010

My first theme day!
There aren't many public clocks in Athens and most of them don't work at all! Some of tthe clocks are in churches, like this one in Aghia Kyriaki church at Athinas str. And most of all it's working, although it,s five minutes slow....

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